So the whole reason I created a blog is to help me feel more complete, because seriously every day of my life I have all of these thoughts and no where to put them, and I’ve decided that having a blog will finally fill that void, and thus giving me more self-satisfaction. And, hopefully this will force myself to stick to a healthy plan and shed some of this fat along the way, ultimately leading me to become the person I want to be… by the time I’m 25 years old. My birthday is in June, so that gives me ONE YEAR to make some major headway. And maybe, just maybe, this blog can be inspiring to someone out there that can relate to me and my chubby fat girl problems.

I feel like its time to tell you a little bit about myself before I jump right into regular postings of food, recipes, pictures, etc. I’m much better at list-formats than story telling, so here we go. list time.

    • mee… brown hair, brown eyes, Julie, Jewish, happy. My favorite feature of my body is my face. Hopefully in a years time, I’ll be able to say the same thing about my arms, legs, tummy, neck and um… my bummm.
  • I LOVE DOGS (and all animals too). I will be posting plenty-o-pics of my beagles, so please feel free to navigate away from here if you don’t like dogs, I won’t be mad. I’d do the same for someone that posts too many pictures of their child (too many: more than 2-3 pictures a day, daily. this blog of mine will never get to that extreme in dog postings, don’t worry)20130722-152958.jpg
  • I also love food, I’m an extreme foodie. So, same as above goes for those of you that don’t like food (who doesn’t like food? seriously.)
  • Some things I enjoy and want to incorporate more into my life: yoga, bike rides, swimming, photography, knitting, pilates, shopping for cute clothes (yea, I haven’t done this one in about 2 years because I’ve gained weight and I refuse to fill my closet with new fat clothes, people probably think I’m a homeless person because I never have new outfits, but I really do not care that much).
  • I have a full time job, which annoyingly stands in the way of my dream to be a full-time blogger, so pardon my lack of perfection in this blog thus far. Whenever I have free time, I promise to make this blog as awesome as it can be!
  • I have been trying to lose weight for a VERY big portion of my life, and now I am finally FINALLY going to do it. I don’t care how much I miss being comfortably fat and being able to pig out with no self control. I just KNOW that fitting in a size 8 or less will feel incredible.

There’s more to my list, I assure you, but I’m at my jobby job and I have to get off my lunch break now.

But you can expect that every day I will post a visual food journal, maybe I’ll even get fancy and add a calorie counter? The possibilities are endless.

Ciao for now!