Part of the reason I’m just now starting a blog is because I’m really indecisive at blog naming, and I’m terrible at naming things in general (sorry future children). Here are some blog titles I considered using:

eating my way thin

inner skinny goddess

pure, clean, simple

Mindy Kaling had a great one I would love to use:

“My boyfriend fits into my pants, and other atrocities”

but I settled with:

chubby fat girl problems

my boyfriend didn’t entirely approve because he thinks I shouldn’t call myself chubby, or fat. He has a point, and its really really sweet for him to say that. But, I think that my title pretty much sums up my life, considering that I think about my weight almost all day, facing all problems that I encounter, and even non-problems, every day things. I actually think most women do this, our society is so effed up.