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LOOK AT THIS! I love being creative and making personalized planner charts that have a place for every crazy little thing I like to keep track of in a20130723-121725.jpg week’s time. If I don’t write things down, I am in a constant state of worry and anxiety, stressing that I might forget something really really important (everything is important!). Plus, it helps me eat more mindfully if I have a place to plan out meals and color code them. I’m going to start using these weekly to keep up with my life, maybe I’ll get some sort of slim sturdy binder thing to put them in so that I can carry them around with me day to day. OR maybe I’ll figure out a cool way to use it on my iPad. I COULD MAKE AN APP, that’d be awesome.  I try to be tech-savy and make use of my ical/iphone for convenience purposes but I never end up checking my icalendar.. making it pointless. Also, there is something about writing things down that is so much more satisfying, and it really helps me feel less stressed about my schedule.