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I make a few goals for myself everyday to help me lead the life that I aspire to have, such as watering my plants, practicing my running, reading, yoga, cooking healthy meals and working on my cookbook, etc. I really really really want to do these things.

like really.

But somehow, my laziness/lack of personal time overrides my desire to be productive and I end up having an ongoing list of to-do’s that goes untouched and subsequently makes me feel out of touch with myself, like I’m not pursuing the life that I want to have.  Its beyond frustrating to have a never ending to-do list, so I really would like to nip this problem in the bud. I have endless ambitions, so in order to make my way through them, I think its important to not overload my agenda. I was reading an article the other day, I can’t find it right now, but it was talking about how this successful guy (I’m terrible at remembering names) became successful by following the rule of 3. He starts his day off by looking at his to-do list and picks out only THREE things that he has to complete for the day, therefore he avoids the stress & frustration, and he has the luxury of focusing on just 3 things and doing those 3 things well. So, for today, here are my 3 things:

  1. cooking a complete meal for my boyfriend and I
  2. doing a little yoga and weights
  3. watching the batchelorette.

I have completed them all, with 45 minutes to spare before the end of the day! The glorious feeling of accomplishment is so worth it!

For dinner I made a zesty arugula salad, baked rosemary lemon chicken drumsticks and whole wheat penne with alfredo sauce, I need to add posting these recipes to my to-do list. I was going to make a vegan cheese sauce (with cashews and nutritional yeast) but I couldn’t find nutritional yeast. Instead, I made a quick cheese sauce with some fresh grated Parmesan. It wasn’t as healthy or raw as my original plan, but it was really divine and I didn’t indulge on too much of it.

Then, I cleaned up, and did some short exercises and stretches.

100 crunches

25 reverse crunches

10 pushups (I really need to improve on these!)

25 squats

20 arm weights

15 minutes of bedtime yoga/meditation/stretching (this felt incredible!!!)