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Oh the wondrous feeling, the bluebirds are singing, it’s been a mighty fine day.

First things first, the rule of 3 has so far proven to be a cure-all for my time management and my awful tendency to postpone everything that I have been wanting to incorporate into my daily routine. TAKE THAT, procrastination. Here are the 3 things I did last night:

  • Cardio at the gym with strength training
  • Yoga
  • read Bossypants
  • bonus: didn’t overeat ^.^ (pat on the back!!)

It really is very simple, just be who you want to be. There’s nothing stopping you!! If you want to go to a coffee shop & read for an hour once a week, by all means, go do it! Eliminate what makes you feel bad (for me, maybe that is sitting around watching marathons of of an ABC family series) and just start going after your dreams (gardening, running, creating a blog, or working on that long list of books to read). Just do it!!!

Second, I have noticed a pretty drastic change in myself over the past 4 months. I’d say the birthplace of this was when a close friendship I had dissolved into nothing at the blink of an eye. Something about it gave me pure clarity. It hurt for a while; I was confused, sad and lost. However, as time passed I gained so much perspective about myself, others and what I truly want in life. I rid myself of bad habits, drama, and focused inwards to heal, grow and become a better person. I realized how important it is to be content with myself, to be the best friend I can be to those that I really love, and to put myself first when I need to. I feel so much more complete. At first, I felt empty, she was no longer there and I didn’t know what to do. But now, I feel even more full of life than ever, the part of my life that she filled has now been replaced with so much spiritual energy and happiness, and most importantly, gratitude. I became so aware of how grateful and appreciative of the wonderful friends in my life that I took for granted before. Grateful for my health, my happiness, this beautiful world of enormous opportunity. Its really interesting how a loss so small can open up a sea of understanding and growth.

20130725-105025.jpgLast night, I found this pretty rad blogger/yogi named Sarah Beth, she had a great youtube video for bedtime yoga, after doing that I was so curious about her website, so I forced myself out of my sleepy state and watched a few of her videos and perused her blog. She had a lot of information about yoga, with great instructional videos, but she also touched a bit on her raw food diet which sounded so life-changingly amazing. I kinda want to try it… if it cures everything for me that she says worked for her. Clear skin, weight loss, feeling energized, alert, focused, so much good can come from this!! Anyway, I’ve never been into ‘detox’ drinks, but she posted a recipe for one and I decided to try it this morning since she inspired me so much to be healthy. Even though it has apple cider vinegar in it, its really not that bad!! I could see myself drinking this every morning for 15 days to see if it has any sort of benefit. Maybe today will be day one… if the weekends weren’t so hard.. I’m really nervous about the weekends. Its sooo hard to turn down a gorgeous breakfast spread to share with my boyfriend. We are definitely creatures of habit, and we spend our weekends together, waking each morning with a warm eggy breakfast and sometimes bagels and cheese and sausage. oh my… yumm. WELL, I guess since I’m feeling really really motivated, I’ll force myself to




to make it through this weekend (and the next) drinking this detox-y stuff every morning. Ah there was something that Sarah Beth said in one of her videos about food… it went something like, “fighting off cravings isn’t easy, but YOU are in control of what you put into your body. if you don’t want it in there, you are responsible for not eating it”. I really liked that. Its so true, all that I truly want in my body is food directly from the earth, so why would I choose to eat Kraft Mac & Cheese? There is no reason other than its yummyness and my lack of self control. THIS WILL CHANGE.

So, yesterday my mama, grandma and I went out to lunch to our favorite Chinese place.. I had a packed lunch of salad and protein, but I can never turn down seeing them so I abandoned my packed lunch. I ordered beef with broccoli, brown rice, crab puffs (2), and hot & sour soup. My mom and I shared, so I got some of her sesame chicken. This places gives really big servings for their lunch special… and I usually only eat half. This time, I ATE THE WHOLE THING. During my meal it tasted so gooood and I was like nomnomnomnom mindlessly. But as I drove back to my office, I was appalled that I ate so much, feeling painfully full. I don’t know why I finished my plate, maybe because I didn’t want to bother with leftovers? I think what it is is that I’m a finisher. I have this weird need to finish food that I know is available to me. I was reading an article about a guy that was overweight because he was a finisher, and he also was a chef at a fine restaurant. So, instead of forcing himself to stop being a finisher, he just changed the types of food he consumed. Veggies, fruits and lean meats instead of pastas, fried foods and dairy. I could do that… but I don’t want to eliminate, I think that’s outrageous. I mean come on, my favorite food in the world is spaghetti, followed close by chicken alfredo. I only have one life to live, and I want it to be healthy of course! But I also am not giving up pasta or cheese. As my great grandmother always said, moderation is key.

I took what I learned from lunch and applied it to my dinner last night. My boyfriend (from here on out I will be calling him ‘J’) went to the gym with me which was so nice!!!! but then afterwards he wanted to get chips, queso and margaritas. This is something we do once a week (creatures of habit) and I love them because we have hilarious conversations about life. So we went, but I got one glass of wine (saving me 200 unhealthy calories!) and I insisted we avoid the queso (saving $4! and like 500+ unhealthy calories). Then we went home to have real dinner, he wanted a grilled cheese & soup, so I made him that but I only had soup and added leftover baked chicken and some steamed zucchini to complete my meal. Grilled cheeses and tequila and queso are delicious and its a challenge turning them down, but the feeling I had from a small healthy meal compared to how I would have felt after a large unhealthy one is SO WORTH IT.

WHEW!!! That was a long post.