This week, I’ve made a notable effort to treat myself well and to allow myself to pursue my goals.  I’ve done bedtime yoga, I’ve cooked healthy meals, I’ve had a detox tea, I went on a shopping spree all by myself (I really shouldn’t have waited 2 years to do this because I wanted to lose some weight! I felt so lost in the store, but once I got in the dressing room I felt so glamorous and special trying on all of the new clothes that would be mine!), I went to the gym, I finished a book and started another one and I’ve made time for a social life before work. Everything has been working out really well and as this work-week comes to a close, I realize that I haven’t felt this good in a really long time. So, I’m going to make a weekly list of things I would like to treat myself to. Starting today:

  • Running on Saturday (bonus on Sunday too) morning with J: YES, exercising in the morning is a treat! I permit myself to put my running shoes on and go outside first thing in the morning when I would usually be wearing my slippers and making espresso and eggs for J & I while we finish up a movie we fell asleep to the night before.
  • Yoga before bed (weekends are a bonus): I did this a few times this week and it was seriously the best decision I’ve made in a while, so why not keep it up? I’d be crazy not to.
  • I want to buy a soothing/healing/organic/expensive product: Such as a facial mask or a foot butter. I want it to smell like heaven and I want it to have magical beautifying healing powers.
  • Buy new shoes and some more of these awesome pants that I found at Nordstroms (JAG) 
  • Make a homemade body scrub out of leftover coffee grounds: Its supposed to help with cellulite. And I need lots of help with that.
  • Read by myself at a coffee shop: This is going to be a hard one. But I really want to do it.
  • Add to my garden: My tomato and basil are doing REALLY WELL (surprisingly, because I have had so much bad luck with gardening in the past). I want to add cilantro and rosemary to the family!
  • Commit to a month long detox drink: I got super pumped for my detox tea yesterday… but this morning I had no time to make it so I feel like I’ve already failed on making my detox last more than one day. BUT I can’t let myself feel that way!! The day isn’t over and I plan to have one after work! BOOYA!

I’m content with that list. Some of these are longer term goals, some I definitely am going to do by this time next week and some are permanent tasks that I will do every week forever!! and ever and ever and ever. I’m happy that I made a lot of them free, treating myself doesn’t have to be expensive!