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After searching the internet far and wide, I can safely say that most major pet stores do not sell gluten-free dog treats.  As most dogs do, my little beagle (Birdie) goes coo-coo for dog treats, at least 2 times a day. She lets me know that she’s having a cankering for one by happily approaching me, then beckoning me to follow her to the treat room, her kind and eager eyes glistening more and more as we get closer to the room, tail wagging to and fro of course. She always wants a treat right before bed, I like to think that she likes to go to bed feeling like a good happy girl so that she has sweet little puppy dreams. Plus, who doesn’t enjoy a tasty midnight snack to hold their tummy over until breakfast? Unfortunately for my treat loving girl, the doctor has concluded that she is gluten-free (because she was having seizures) so we bought her some gluten-free kibble, but we continued to give her treats (1/day) because we figured just a small amount couldn’t hurt.  About 2 months ago, my dad decided that its best to completely cut out the treats, so we started using a little piece of cheese as an alternative, but I can tell that its just not the same for her. I decided I want to try my hand at making homemade gluten- free dog treats, made with lots of love and care for her! 

I ran a basic Google search and found some meh recipes, so I took my search over to Pinterst and was rewarded with many beautiful and healthy looking recipe ideas! I think I want to try this one first, except I won’t use bacon. Maybe I’ll use a little cheese or even some salmon! Birdie LOVES salmon!!! I always imagine that she would find a way to catch fish in the wild if she had to scavenge for her own food. 

Hopefully I can try it out this weekend, and post back here on how she likes it!